New Freedom

God is moving in the lives of people at Real Life Church! Here is one testimony:


"During worship when we were singing, 'I Am A Child of God', I sang 'in my Father's house there is a place for me',... I had a surge in my spirit and burst into tears...not unusual for me to cry during worship...but I've had the same experience all week every time I sing/say those words...two years ago I couldn't sing certain verses (mostly about trusting God or the goodness of God), but when I first came to RLC after losing my mom and husband to cancer I felt a freedom that had been missing elsewhere in worship...as time has gone by, my thinking has changed and my heart healed...a glimpse of what being at peace/rest looks and feels like....I am so thankful I have been led to RLC...I love the worship and teaching and especially the freedom and feeling of being home".