Anonymous – "During worship when we were singing, 'I Am A Child of God', I sang 'in my Father's house there is a place for me',... I had a surge in my spirit and burst into tears...not unusual for me to cry during worship...but I've had the same experience all week every time I sing/say those words...two years ago I couldn't sing certain verses (mostly about trusting God or the goodness of God), but when I first came to RLC after losing my mom and husband to cancer I felt a freedom that had been missing elsewhere in worship...as time has gone by, my thinking has changed and my heart healed...a glimpse of what being at peace/rest looks and feels like....I am so thankful I have been led to RLC...I love the worship and teaching and especially the freedom and feeling of being home".

Anonymous – “At around 1:15am on Sunday, January 13, 2019 I was awoken by a call from my mother, that she was having heart palpitations one after the other. She told me that this had started with a few palpitations and had increased over a 24 hour period of time, until now she was at a point she needed to go to the hospital ( My mother does take medication for this, due to an electrical problem with the heart, but sometimes the medication doesn't work and it means a trip to the emergency). She told me she didn't want to go to the hospital again and asked me to pray for her. My mom said " You have been learning to pray for people at church (especially Dwell) and just were at your women's conference, so I know you can pray for me." No pressure right? Well in that moment, that is all I felt. This was serious, my flesh was saying go to the hospital mom and I will meet you there, but my spirit man was saying pray. If that wasn't hard enough, she put me on speaker phone, so my dad could hear. My dad is saved, but is very reserved. He doesn't understand my radical walk with God and doesn't support it. I have suffered much vocal persecution from him, so I felt very intimidated to pray. Then I remembered Elsie Welsh say," be the hands of Jesus and no matter how you feel God can still move. He just needs us to be willing" .That is when I began to pray. The first time nothing happened, so I said lets pray again. The second time, my mom told me she felt peace come into her chest, but she was still having the odd palpitation. She was happy with just having the peace come over her, thanked me for praying and was going to let me go. That is when the Holy Spirit began to really stir inside me and I said lets thank God for what he has started, but we need to pray again. Well the power of God fell and my mom said," I am shaking all over" and my dad who had been silent up until now, said the bed is shaking. My mom told my dad, it is Holy Spirit. I remembered at the women's conference Elsie talked about transference, so in that moment I told my mom to lay hands on my dad and I prayed for transference. What happened next was all Holy Spirit led. I began to break things off of my dad, speak into his destiny, decree words of promise and prophesy over them both. My mom then yelled I have no more palpitations. We thanked God and went to bed. I called them just before going to church the next morning to check in and my mom still had no palpitations. Even better, my father thanked me for praying for them and told me he was sorry for the way he had been treating me. I have even started to see God begin to move in my unsaved husband, who is an alcoholic.

Going on two years ago, Pastor Darren gave me a word while praying for me, that he saw the number 8 over me and that it meant full restoration and new beginnings. I have held on to that promise from God in the dark times and  I believe this is now my year! In Jesus name I believe I will see my family restored, my health restored, my marriage restored and my husband delivered and saved. This is God's promise to all of us.

 I also want to say, I couldn't walk this journey alone. It gets really hard at times, but I am always strengthened and encouraged by all the love, prays and support of my RLC family. Thank you all!”

Juergen and Karoline – “We are with the RLC family now for 13 month, it is time to shout it from the roof tops what the Lord has done in our life. Most of you know, that we left our church family in Cambridge after calling it our home for 32 years. It was a hard decision to make, but the long drive every Sunday morning took out an extra 5 hours of our day.

Well, it has been an awesome loving experience over the past 13 month, not only were we welcomed with open arms here at RLC, we also made  many new friends and the Lord has done great things in  our- and in our children’s life.  

We are involved in several activities and recently started the Mercy Ministry Outreach. We have great plans for 2019 with this ministry and hope that you can get involved as well.

This morning I received prayer and prophesy from the Lord thru Elsie Welch. I was blessed beyond believe as she spoke the Lords word and purpose over me and Karoline and for the next steps in our life. The vision we had many years ago in a small group setting in Cambridge.

I knew deep in my heard that this message came from the Lord, it was the clarity and direction spoken.  Elsie never spoke to me before, she knew everything that was on my heard for this outreach.

We are so blessed to call this church family our home, the Lord has great things in store for us and we praise and glorify his name.”